Hello, I am Sunaina Setia

My mission is a happier society. I encourage people to start their spiritual journey by introducing them to Meditation.

I give practical tools to overcome challenges women and men face in their relationships, I believe, in creating a happy home.

I also run a finishing school where women can come and learn how to get ready for a very important transformation in their lives “Marriage “. In India parents accumulate wealth all their lives to get their daughters married, so much Investment goes into her jewels, her clothes, gifts for the groom’s family, parties, destination weddings. But no one teaches the bride how to go and adapt into a new environment.
  • My finishing school for young ladies equips women with a lot of tools as in how to handle your spouse
  • How to deal with your in-laws
  • How to dress up as a new bride
  • Make up skills and basic home organizing skills.

About Sunaina

Sunaina is a certified life coach. She has trained under the Erickson international coach training programme, founded by Marilyn Atkinson Master Coach, trainer, speaker writer, Master NLP Trainer.

Sunaina is a certified soft skills trainer from image consulting business Institute

Sunaina is a spiritual leader following the Brahma Kumaris world spiritual University from the last 11 years.

A motivational speaker, her motivational videos can be found on her YouTube channels - Heal with sunaina setia & Heal with Sunaina.

Her Innumerable, thought for the day audios, enrich peoples mornings and their dealings for the rest of the day.

Sunaina is also a Nabet accredited trainer, she has successfully completed the train the trainer program.

You May Recognize Sunaina From:

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Life Coach
Sunaina is a certified life coach recognised by ICF international coaching Federation.
Spiritual leader
Sunaina has been studying and teaching spirituality at the world renowned Brahma Kumaris World spiritual organisation.
Motivational speaker
Sunaina is a motivational speaker. Her motivational talks can be found on her YouTube channel.
Soft skills trainer
A certified expert from ICBI Networking, working in teams, leadership are some important soft skills that today firms look for.
"My job is to do my best and let the divine do the rest"
Worrying about things that are out of my control is a complete waste of time and energy. It also affects the quality of my work, so I always believe in doing my best and feeling satisfied. Then the rest is in the hands of the divine I need not worry or be scared.

"Be in the present moment"

As simple as it may sound, it is extremely challenging. Even while we perform simple tasks like eating a meal are we really with that food? The mind is busy creating so many different thoughts.
Best results can be achieved if we learn to do one thing at a time and not try to do hundred things simultaneously. So whatever I do, doing it in awareness enjoying every bit of it is how one must aspire to live, then life becomes peaceful and blissful.

At one point in my life I wanted to become a singer, I love music however once I started my spiritual journey I found the greatest fulfilment was in helping others and I decided to do what fulfilled me the most so I decided to make a career where I could help myself and help many others. I certified as a life coach and a soft skills trainer and used my spiritual training to create my workshops and let me tell you it’s been so rewarding plus I can still listen to all the music in the world and sing the praises of the Lord.

Be kind With Yourself!!!

If you are going to be firm with yourself today, life is going to be much easier for you tomorrow. However talk to yourself kindly always, firm and kind is the way to go!!!

What ever you do be the best at it.
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Then you become valuable. Never settle for less than the best you can do, only then people will remember you. Only then you will be able to leave a mark. Be good at one thing in your life but be damn good at it, don’t give yourself a discount on this one,Cause this Is all you’ve got.

Challenges-Do you feel anxious?

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Life is always going to throw challenges at you. No matter where you go, who you live with challenges are bound to come So rather than feeling anxious or disturbing your peace of mind just focus on the solution. Remember, you have overcome so many challenges and everything has a solution!!!

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