You deserve to celebrate life !!!

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Life is a gift from the divine and if I am not waking up every morning with a smile, something’s amiss. Come and connect with me to discover that dream life, a life full of joy, happiness and contentment.
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About Sunaina

She is a rare gem, I am sure when the divine would look down on his this creation, it would put a smile on his face. Simple, elegant, beautiful, spreading joy wherever she goes and whatever she touches. At a very young age, she had to face some very difficult situations. However, she did not let that stop her from searching for herself. Her decision to follow a spiritual life, has completely transformed her. Not only is she lighting up her own life but she is also bringing light into many lives. She understands life is about giving, giving love, giving knowledge, giving blessings, life is truly a gift from the divine.
Early in her life, Sunaina went through some rough relationships. She has gone on to develop a relationship workshop that helps one to live cordially with your relations. Be it your spouse, your kids, your parents or boss.
Sunaina is the designer of a one day Jet set meditation workshop which embarks you on your spiritual journey. She holds your hand and guides you from there, “every day “through a knowledge session.
Sunaina has spent a decade being a spiritual student, seeker and leader herself. She has helped transform many lives, one of the few women who have helped empower other women in distress and need.
Sunaina is known as a spiritual leader & acknowledged as an inspirational speaker. Her motivational talks are available on her YouTube channels - heal with Sunaina

Happiness is a daily choice

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Once we imbibe meditation into our lives followed by listening to knowledge every day, we are truly choosing to be happy every day. And once our frequencies become higher, good things start to manifest in our lives.


If you are, what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire.
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